Local healthcare is led by Powell Valley Healthcare, a full-service hospital with nursing home facilities on-site. Their capacity is remarkable and includes specialty care as well, and their commitment to the community is ever-present. Additionally, dental and vision services and mental health practices are all located right in town. If your healthcare needs can’t be met by one of our world-class professionals, typically a drive of 30-90 minutes will be the farthest you have to travel to see specialists in most fields.

Powell is also home to several assisted living facilities to fit just about any need.

Powell Valley Healthcare

Powell is home to one of the Top 100 National Hospitals - Powell Valley Healthcare. With 25 critical access beds and staff supporting 25 active medical staff, Powell Valley Healthcare is one of the best in the nation. The attached 100 bed nursing home includes a 24-hour licensed nursing staff with a Resident-Empowered Environment. The latest addition to the Powell Hospital and Nursing Home, the Heartland Assisted Living Community, features 24 one-bedroom apartments with individual, private bath facilities.

Interesting Facts About PVHC

Employees – 470 + employees

Active Medical Staff – 25

Visiting Specialists – 10

Radiology (Imaging) includes a 64 slice CT scan, MRI, Digital Mammography, and DXA Scan.

Powell Valley Healthcare consists of a 25 bed critical access hospital, physician clinics ranging in specialties from family practice to orthopedic surgery and cardiology. PVHC provides 24-hour emergency medical services to the community and maintains a good working relationship with St. Vincent’s Help Flight and Billings Clinic Med Flight air ambulance services. Hospital services include lab, radiology, pharmacy, surgery, obstetrics, cardiac & pulmonary rehabilitation as well as physical and occupational therapy. PVHC also offers Home Health and Hospice care to residents of the Big Horn Basin and Wellness Blood Screening.

Other Health Facilities
Powell has many health facilities including dentistry, Orthodontics, Optometrics, Mental Health, and Physical Therapy.