It's rare to find top-rated schools and PhD community college professors in a rural community with such low tax burdens. But thanks to the State of Wyoming's constitutional requirement to fund education, you find both in Powell. Exceptional school facilities are funded by the State, not by local tax levies. Salaries for teachers attract some of the best and brightest and that is refleced in our local school student performance. And nearly 30% of the professors at Northwest College in Powell sport a terminal degree for their major, compared to only 11% nationally. In Powell you'll find the best education for your family and your employees!
Northwest College

Powell is proud to be the home of Northwest College, a residential community college with about 2100 students. Northwest College offers a number of associates degrees and certificates in communication, humanities, life and health sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, education and visual and performing arts. Academics are first priority at NWC, with over 30% of the faculty holding terminal degrees in their field of study compared to a national average of just over 10% for community colleges. An the brand new Yellowstone Building, a $15 million facility that will house nursing and health programs, criminal justice and law enforcement programs and a large conference center that can be utilized for workforce training and community functions came online in 2014.

As a community college, Northwest College also recognizes its important role in economic development and thr growth and success of local businesses. The Center for Training and Development at Northwest College works with local and regional businesses to develop and deliver stackable credentials to enable a quick, efficient transfer of citizens to a custom workforce, and to support their continued educational needs as they grown in their careers into management and leadership positions.

Park County School District

Park County School District #1 is also an excellent partner and asset for the Powell Community. The school district is focused on developing programs that will improve students’ readiness for higher education and workforce. Students from PCSD1 continually score well in state offered standarized tests as well as the ACT tests offered to all 11th graders at Powell High School. In Wyoming, school facilities are replaced every few decades and paid for by the State without local bonds. This allows communities to have access to the unused facilities for a number of purposes. The District is proactive about working with community organizations to find economically viable uses for facilities that have been replaced in this manner (elementary schools, pool facilities, etc).

University of Wyoming Extension Service

University of Wyoming Extension Service also offers a number of programs geared to assist economic and community development efforts. Research of new products and technology is of primary importance and can provide new and existing businesses with much-needed data about their processes and products.