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About Powell Economic Partnership

Powell Economic Partnership (PEP) is the local Economic Development Organization (EDO) for the Powell Valley area of Northwest Wyoming.  We are supported by the City of Powell and Park County, as well as  by generous stakeholders throughout the community.  Powell Economic Partnership, Inc is a 501.c(6) economic development corporation.  We also have a sister organization, the Powell Economic Partnership Foundation that is formed as a federally registered non-profit 501.c(3). 

We are a community based organization that focuses on uniting business, entreprenuers, and government to create wealth, jobs, and to improve the quality of life consistent with the culture of the Powell Valley for the benefit of all citizens.

3-pronged approach to accomplishing our mission: 
We got the grant! I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

- Krista Siefert, Owner, Western Cellular

  • Provide input, guidance, and leadership in policy-making at both the local, and state level through our membership in the Wyoming Economic Development Association and our excellent working relationships with policymakers in our region.
  • Execute cost effective programs focused on entreprenurial startups, retention and expansion of existing Powell Valley businesses, and new business acquisition.  Underlying all of the programs are educational and support projects such as the "Gateway Entreprenurial Institute" and other educational outreach that align with our mission. 
  • Partner closely with our community as well as other NGOs such as the Chamber of Commerce to create a two-way communication with our community members.  We ensure awareness of programs and opportunities out to the community and the community provides us with a sense of direction and future vision.

Christine Bekes

Executive Director
Powell Economic Partnership

Current Employment: Executive Director
Past Experience: Christine grew up in Powell, raised in the farmhouse her father was raised in. She is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. She spent much of her young adult life on the East Coast and abroad, with much of the focus on a professional running career. After Hurricane Sandy, she and her husband decided to relocate their family back to her hometown to raise their daughter in the safe and positive environment of the Powell Valley. Christine will complete her training as a certified Economic Development Finance Professional in July, 2015.
Civic Involvement: Wyoming Economic Development Association Legislative Committee Co-chair, Powell Planning & Zoning Commission Secretary, Park County Leadership Institute Steering Committee, Cody Medical Foundation Vital Signs Committee