Grow Your Business
Sometimes growth just happens, but more often than not, sustainable growth requires planning and strategy. When questions and issues arise with your growth strategy, PEP and local partners have programs in place to help find the answers. Wether your questions are about about finance, business planning, employee training or retention, succession or exit strategies, market reserarch, supply chain analysis and others, we're here to provide resources for you to find the answers! And most of these services are available to you at little to no cost!

Schedule a site visit with PEP to learn the many different types of support available to you. We will learn about your needs and then create a plan with you and our local partners to get them addressed.

The number one goal of PEP is to help our existing businesses grow in the Powell Valley!

Most growth plans start with a clear understanding of the market. PEP can help you find strategic advantage over your competition by working with partners such as the Wyoming Market Research Center, part of the Wyoming Business Council. The Market Research Center has access to databases and national and international reports that would be cost prohibitive for you to purchase alone. Using this data and their market expertise we can help identify and size markets, demographics, psychographics, and competitive landscape to name a few.
Bring your business plan to life - let PEP and our partners help refine and polish your business plan for expansion.  From providing templates to start with, to coaching and analysis of both the strategic and financial data, the Small Business Development Center as well as PEP mentors will help you start with the best plan. 
PEP helped to arrange bridge financing during a challenging econonic perdiod. This loan gave us the opportunity to start again and stay focused on our goals. We were able to get back to work. We are now self-sustaining and the debt paid off!

- Mark Olson, Managing Member of SWi, LLC

We can also help with navigating city and county processes.  PEP has worked with many businesses to help them work through planning and zoning and other regulatory issues.  Our knowledge of the process and strong working relationships with officials may prevent hours or weeks of delays by finding the right people with the right information.
Supply Chain Analysis: Through more intentional visits and a formal survey sponsored by the Wyoming Business Council, PEP is working to develop a relevant and up-to-date list of gaps and opportunities in the local supply chain for our region. These surveys are done confidentially and the data shared is that of the demand for products and/or services that are sourced outside of Powell and Park County. This can serve you as you look to grow or create a new source of revenue within your existing business.
Of course, expansion takes capital... PEP can work with you and your bank to identify sources of funds as diverse as collateral assistance to venture capital. We also have access to a programs from the Wyoming Business Council for major capital acquisitions as well as local revolving loan funds to help with smaller investments to help make your growth plans a reality.